Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Half of 90 aint so bad

The week of Thanksgiving was very busy at the cottage.  Not only were we hosting but it was also my birthday and dad's birthday.  Mom and dad came down Wednesday and stayed until Saturday.  Thanksgiving was awesome.  The boys were with us this year along with mom and dad.  We also had PJ and ST and two of our Graces- MM and MP.

The meal was amazing as usual.  The husband did a great brined turkey, wild rice dressing with a bunch of fruit, cornbread dressing with sage and sausage, white cheddar chipotle mashed potatoes, homemade cranberry sauce with thyme and mustard (actually really good even though it sounds kinda funky) and roasted carrots and parsnips.  Mom being mom felt the need to do something so we had her make the pumpkin pies- one regular and one gluten free crust- on Wednesday when they got there.  I also made gluten free cranberry walnut muffins and an apple tart.  The highlight of Thanksgiving though was when mom got into the Scotch and when she asked for a second one both the boys blurt out "Grandma, every time you drink brown liquor you kill a little part of my soul!"  Her response was "Cheers." and she took a big swig.

I got a super, awesome, amazing birthday gift from the husband.  A Genesis compound bow and arrows.  Of course mom, dad and the sons were all making jokes about me now needing tights too.  I like to think I will be all Clint Barton-like but I am sure many people would think "You big queen, you are soo Katniss..."

Friday we all went to MP's place or lunch.  She made an amazing beef bourguignon and creme brulee for dessert.  We had a great time and then had left overs for dinner.

Saturday my younger brother came down with the wife and kids for birthday lunch for dad.  Of course they were late so they are now in the lie to them about what time things start so they are on time.

Sunday I took the boys to see Argo.  One of the great touches was the Warner Brothers 70s/ 80s logo in opening of movie and the fonts of the the opening and closing credits.  The movie was actually not bad at all and I have to give Ben Afflack credit for improving as an actor.

I am gonna guess that we go over the so called fiscal cliff.  I mean what little I know of game theory would lead me to believe the Dems look at the situation and say fuck it, let's go.  Their reasoning may be that when we go over they will land on the GOP and be in better shape to stand up and walk away albeit injured whereas the GOP won't survive the impact.

Speaking of the fiscal cliff, am I the only one nauseated by the whole Rise above bullshit CNBC is doing?  That is not journalism.  To my point, if you had any doubts CNBC is not news and only infotainment then look no further than President Obama's opinion.  He detly expressed it by giving his first official post election interview to none other than Bloomberg TV.  It is a huge coupe for BBRG and makes sense as BBRG is the only relatively non-partisan news channel aroudn these days and focused on news thanks to being privately owned and not worrried about selling advertising time.

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