Sunday, November 18, 2012

Brandi Terrace at your service...

The husband and I cleaned the garage out this weekend.   I had had enough of the frost in the windshield in the morning and having the truck freezing when I get in.  We still need to get the garage door on the husband's side fixed and then he can leave his in the garage at night as well.  Sadly it means the bikes are put down in the basement for the winter.

I finally got caught up on all the t.v. I missed due to the cable getting knocked out from Sandy.  "Arrow" is actually not bad and Steven Amell is quite the specimen.  the husband and I agreed he is on the list...

Speaking of "Arrow" the husband signed us up for an archery safety/beginner course at the local firearms range/club.  We did well and hopefully s\Santa will bring me a Genesis compound me Daryl.

We have the menu for Thanksgiving all planned.  Tuesday and Wednesday will be prep days so ideally all we- read the husband- have to do is put things in the oven at the right time and voila- the picture perfect Thanksgiving dinner.

 Friday while chatting with PF he told me someone called his phone looking for Latisha Brown.  I told him I thought that would be a great drag name for him when he started.  He said he already had one and we got on the topic of how I was told you take the name of your first pet and the the street you lived on to make it.  So by that means I would be Brandy Terrace but PF and I though Brandi would make a much better spelling..

Mom and dad are coming down for Thanksgiving.  Friday is also Dad's birthday but we are celebrating Saturday instead so my younger brother and his wife and sons can come down and celebrate with us.

We saw Skyfall this weekend.  Javier Bardeem made a super, awesome villain.  I was surprised the movie was almost three hours long as it went by very fast while sitting there in the theater.

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