Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The List

If there actually is any such thing as a long time reader of this blog, you may recall me referencing The List.  The List is a list of men that if either I or the husband were to hook up with, it would not be considered cheating and not grounds for any consequences (as long as pictures were taken and shared with the other). 

It is pure fantasy.  Neither of us would really do it- but a threesome....well that is a horse of a different color...The only requirement- other than being hot- is they are famous and not- that is n-o-t- a porn star, lol. 

We have never actually written The List down so I figured I could start it here.

Here goes (in no particular order):

Chris Evans, Chris Pine, Tom Brady, Hugh Jackman, Tom Hardy, David Beckham, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Antonio Sabato, Jr., Mark Wahlberg, Rob Gronkowski, Cam Gigandet, Sean Faris, Henry Cavil, Brandon Routh, Dylan Bruce, Josh Duhamel, Bryce Harper, Sidney Crosby, Marcus Schenkenberg, Justin Bartha, Ryan Robbins, Jamie Bamber, Michael Trucco, Tamoh Penikett, Stephen Amell, Travis Fimmel, Brad Pitt (the Fight Club version or the Thelma &Louise version), Taylor Lautner, Grant Bowler, Chael Sonnen, Richard Madden, Kit Harrington, Alexander Skarsgard, Ryan Kwaten, Justin Timberlake, Casper Van Dien, Matt Bomer, Brady Quinn, Tim Tebow, Wes Welker, Ryan Lachote, Jason Sehorn, Alex Pettyfer, Channing Tatum, Prince Harry, Ryan Reynolds, Dylan McDermott, Adam Levine Ben Foster...

It is a preliminary list.  It can and most likely will be changed over time. 

Again- pure fantasy, placement on The List does not imply anything at all about the person's sexual orientation.

Any suggestions are welcome...

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Spring break was kinda exhausting for not traveling.  I basically was a housewife all week- chauffeuring the boys to and from practices, matches etc, doing dishes, cleaning the house (no laundry, the husband did that).  I can see why by 4 PM a lotta housewives need some sort of mother's little helper, aka booze.

The good thing is I got to actually take in three tennis matches for son #1- considering I did not get to see any last season.  I also found out he is the captain of the team!  I am very proud of him and pissed off he did not tell me until I saw his first match.

The husband, my younger brother and I recently ran the Rutgers Half Marathon.  I ran the fastest half I have ever done coming in at an 8 minute mile pace.  I am happy for that but I secretly had the twin goals of breaking 8 minute miles and beating the husband and my younger bro.  I only beat my younger bro by about one minute and the husband beat me by the same margin.  The course was pretty nice except it had three turn arounds- not a big fan of that many turn arounds in a half marathon.  I am fairly certain all three of us will do it again next year.

With the Rutgers Half that officially kicks off race season for us.  The husband is doing an Olympic in three weeks or so along with my younger bro- I am secretly sign up for it too but I need to get in the pools a few more times.  I then have the annual tri I do with my coworkers in June and the husband and my younger bro are doing a half Iron Man a week after up in mom and dad's neck of the woods.  After that we will be doing the NJ State Olympic in July and we will prob end with the sprint tri in Asbury Park.  I am not getting the haircut with a #2 or race season this year- doing something completely different, growing a beard. 

Congratulations to Jason Collins for showing his bravery and courage.  Not to defend that douschebag Tim Brando but I have to say something about the whole situation.  I know what I am speaking of when I say that living a lie, pretending to be something you are not and then admitting to the lie is not heroic.  Maybe I am splitting hairs but when I was living that same lie it felt incredibly cowardly to me.  To me heroic is the actions of the passengers on Flight 93, or the participants in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.  Being heroic to me is facing odds that will most likely end with your death and not backing down.  What Jason Collins did was incredibly brave and courageous but not heroic.  The 14 year old in the middle of the Bible-belt who comes out in middle school should be viewed as heroic.  Yes Jason Collins faced a situation where he may lose many things but I am pretty sure his life was not one of them.  I am not belittling his bravery and courage and he may end up being viewed as a hero for his bravery but what he did was not heroic.  I am sure I will be getting a lot of flack for that paragraph but whatever...

I haven't talked about t.v. lately so:  Orphan Black on BBC America- pretty great show and Paul the bf of the protagonist is smoking hot and you get to see his ass in the first episode.  Arrow is still very good and as JW said clearly the director or producer is gay as they make sure Stephen Amell is shirtless several times each episode.  Supernatural- I thought maybe this season would be tired but it is actually pretty good so far.  Game of Thrones- love it still.  The Following- last night's season finale was great- a serious cliff hanger- need to see how it all plays out next season.  DaVinci's Demons is promising and a lot of eye candy.  I am liking Defiance so far and Grant Bowler is still easy on the eyes.

I started off using Twitter for serious stuff- news, economics etc but have found I am starting to use it more for fun.  I do find it funny though that I have almost 5x as many followers on Instagram than I do on Twitter- clearly my pics are better than my writing...

Friday, March 1, 2013

Maybe Calvinism is right but just way off on its timing?

The vacation in the Dominican Republic was incredibly relaxing.  The house Mr. Clifford and Mr. Surret found was really amazing.  Great pool, amazing views and huge. 

I went horse riding for the first time ever while there.  On the beach.  I also learned the hard way why one must sit forward in the saddle or you will get saddle sores/abrasions/brush burns on parts of your ass and they hurt...

I, Mr. Clifford and two other of the trip participants went waterfall jumping too.  There is a series of twenty seven water falls in the DR that tourists can go jump down.  The four of us decided to do all twenty seven (you can opt for just seven or twelve also).  Our guide did not speak English, I mentioned I spoke uno poquito of Spanish and that gave him license to speak Spanish the entire time.  The guide was surprised that that we completed all twenty seven in just over two hours and I caught the phrases "no gordo" "fuerte" and "jovenes" and told the rest we just got called young, handsome, strong young men....

The boys are now all about working out.  It is really driven by the oldest son as he is of an age where physical appearance is starting to matter.  So we joined the local YMCA.  I have completely reworked my workout schedule so that I now take the boys to the Y on Saturdays and Sundays.  My oldest is all about lifting, the youngest not so much.  So generally I and son #1 lift for the first thirty to forty minutes then hit the cardio.  Son #2 does cardio the entire time because with gay dads there is no such thing as too much cardio.

Speaking of lifting, son #1 is all hot and bothered to start doing leg workouts.  I told him fine, that means you will be learning how to do squats correctly and safely- squats really, really are the best leg (and overall) lifting to do.  But we will not be doing those as son#1 is having some issues with one of his knees.

We saw Mama.  It really isn't a horror movie, it is a fairy tale.  A fairy tale in the traditional, Brothers Grimm sense, i.e. there is not a happy ending for all involved.  It was a pretty good flick, we all  liked it.  Hansel & Gretel:  Witch Hunters was actually very entertaining and not a bad late Saturday night movie to see with the boys.  We also watched Silent Hill:  Revelation on On Demand and while it was visually cool it was complete crap.  The plot was incoherent and very disjointed.  This weekend we have the boys and will be seeing the oxymoronic titled The Last Exorcism:  Part II.

I think it was JW who had me read an article about what we can learn about where the global economy is headed by comparing and contrasting two epic, classic sci-fi icons:  Star Trek and Star Wars.  Star Trek was noted for the fact that due to the invention of replicators, the need for money disappeared.  So humanity was able to pursue a more noble goal.  Star Wars was the mercantilist, chaotic one that had various groups vying for control of resources and political power.  I say this as I read about BitCoin and it makes me think we are definitely headed the Star Wars route with the whole idea of credits being the monetary unit of the future.  I hope we also get light sabers and droids.  Not so much looking forward to Stormtroopers...

Speaking of replicators, I am kinda stuck on how they would really work.  If e=mc² and there is a finite amount of mass in the universe, at some point wouldn't replicator use start eating up mass somewhere in the universe and slowly cause the destruction?  I am not a quantum/theoretical physicist by any means and maybe I am being overly simplistic but I was just wondering out loud.

Sticking with the physics line, apparently quantum physics somehow predicted the mass of the Higgs boson.  No big deal right  Not so fast.  It seems by possible correctly predicting the mass, it heralds the end of the universe because it means it is possible for an alternate universe to start growing within our own and destroying us in the process.  Granted, the process is something like another tens of billions of yearsbut the mass of the Higgs boson predetermines it all if the calculations are correct  Still it go my geeky, sci-fi, fantasy, comic book influenced mind thinking how it is kinda like melding together BSG, Babylon 5, Galactus and Lord of Light.  It could probably make a great pentad of books.  The universe ten billion years from now, slowly being eaten away at/usurped/destroyed by the alt universe bubbling up from within it, humans are something akin to Vorlons.  Several are debating what to do, one says it is the way the universe works we let  it, another opposes him and wants to break the cycle, they and hundreds of others survive and witness the big bang of the old one caused by the new alternate universe.  The ones who wanted to let it happen decide to guide the new one, the ones against want to destroy it and use some kind of quantum flux thing-a-migig to go back to how it was.  Sadly I do not have the time, skill or imagination to write such a series...

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The new year

So, first off my little dashboard doohickey tells me this is my 500th post.  I really don't recall writing that many times but it's on the internet and they can't put anything on the internet unless it is true.

Christmas was great.  We hosted friends for Christmas Eve dinner- there was a total of seven dining.  The husband made a freakin' amazing five course meal.  First off was roasted butternut squash soup with a dollop of cinnamon sour cream.  Then a very simple salad of mixed greens, haricot verde and a simple dressing.  Third course was roasted duck stuffed with dried plums (aka prunes) and Granny Smith apples served on a bed of stewed red cabbage with plum sauce.  BTW- for the record red cabbage is not fuckin' red- it is purple!   Then was the garlic-rosemary roasted leg of lamb with garlic mashed potatoes and mom's (in)famous scalloped tomatoes.  The final course was mine and it was pumpkin pie and brown butter apple tart.

Christmas I picked the boys up at their mom's house around 1:30 and brought them home.  We then opened gifts with them and ST and PJ.  Everyone was very happy with their gifts.  The husband had quite a butch Christmas as he got a new Carhart field jacket, a new Northface jacket, the Woodsman's Pal (google it) and a nifty Garmin heart/mileage tracker for his many months of upcoming training for his first ever Half Ironman Triathlon. 

The highlight gift for me was a ping pong table.  I wanted to set it up in the basement but the boys said no as they think the basement is too spooky.  So we will be setting it up on the screened in porch.  the boys are going to learn how to crush everyone at beer pong by the time they get to college.  The husband also said we should probably re-watch Balls of Fury (yes we actually own it on dvd).

The other great gift I received and am excited to use is a whoopie pie pan.  I will be making whoopie pies tomorrow night for Friday night's dessert.

I dropped the boys back at their mom's house around 6 in the evening.  For Christmas dinner the husband and I were pretty beat from working on Christmas Eve dinner so we just had left over roasted butternut squash soup and then it was to bed relatively early.

This past weekend the husband's younger sister came to visit us as she is on her Christmas break.  It was pretty relaxing.  the only highlight is we went and saw Les Miserables.  I had never seen the show and while not a fan of musicals I had read enough reviews about how this one was different as all of the singing was done live during the filming.  I have to say it was a pretty amazing flick.  Even if you are like me and not a fan of musicals it is worth seeing as you really have to have a heart of stone to not be moved by some of the songs and it makes you realize why some people are such huge fans of musicals.  It is also funny as the only other musical I have seen was Sweeney Todd and that too was during Christmas and with the husband and it also had Sash Baron Cohen and Helen Bonham Carter in it. 

Little confession here- after seeing the movie I did some research and found out there will be a Broadway revival of the show in 2014.  I actually would like to see it as I am interested in how such a spectacle can be done on a stage.  I have not told the husband yet.

I was kinda bummed the world did not end on the Winter Solstice.  Clearly the Mayans lost a lot of credibility.  The Solstice was also the official end of my annual AFHP.  I am thinking it might be time to switch it up and start a WFHP instead; from Winter Solstice to Vernal Equinox...just a thought.  Kinda makes more sense to do it in the winter anyhow.

Did anyone else love the face plant the GOP did?  Seriously, this whole fiscal cliff thing has to have them in complete disarray.  The supposed party of fiscal rectitude voted for tax increase and no spending restraint and the plan adds to the deficit.  How can anyone take them seriously at this point when they talk about small government?  One astute co-worker told me on the 31st that when the GOP Congressmen vote for the plan it spells the end of Speaker Boehner's term.  I gotta think he is right at this point.  I imagine Rep. Cantor will be the new Speaker of the Dead House when the new Congress convenes.

A few things about the whole fiscal cliff farce.  If my limited faculties work properly, there are no real cuts.  What Congress talks about when they say cuts is really nothing more than further increases in spending, hence my prior comment about spending restraint.  A cut in spending to me means actually reducing the amount of money spent on something not just freezing it at the current level of spending.  The supposed deal did nothing to avert the cliff, it just pushed it out for two months for the new Congress to deal with then.  It also is a slight bit of prevaricating when anyone says Congress prevented taxes from going up on most people.  The payroll tax goes back to its normal level and the ACA tax kicks in.  Anyone who says a bad deal is better than no deal is a weasel.  If there had been no deal the tax increases would have kicked in and the spending restraint would have kicked in and yes it would suck for most of the country in the short term but in the medium to long term it would have helped a lot.  One newsletter writer I read says Americans will always take the easy way out and we did.

Got back into the training regimen last week.  I really have no choice as two weeks from Friday the husband and I are off to the Dominican Republic with Mr. Clifford and Mr. Surret and a cast of other unsavory types for a week.  Need to look good in the square cut and once we get back I go back to lots of running as I did what I swore I would not do again- I signed up for a half marathon...

Monday, December 17, 2012

Alcohol saves the day again...sorta...

So we had a bit of a snafu with the Christmas cards this year.  The husband had made the comment(s) he was sick and tired of the same old, boring family photo.  Ok, I decide I will take care of that situation.  I get Farmer Vinny to take a family photo that I staged and no one got to have input on it.  The photo was great and I was cracking myself up about it and the little message I put in it. Thursday night I had the company Christmas party and of course was drunk and wisely got a hotel room half a block from the office for the night so I would not kill myself driving home from the train station.  No big deal right?  Well some of the cards, namely our friends and family whose surnames begin with the letters A through C had been addressed.  Friday morning the horror in Connecticut takes place.  Well the cards for A-C got mailed out.  Suffice to say I sent out an email from work this morning to those people explaining the situation, apologizing at how the card in hindsight is completely inappropriate and that I will be sending out new ones- with a boring family photo.  I have learned that there is clearly a reason for the boring family photo on the Christmas card.  And clearly getting drunk at the company Christmas party prevented me from prepping the remaining cards to be mailed out.

Since we are on the topic, several friends have commented the card is pretty hilarious- clearly why these people are our friends.  And I got a very reassuring pat on the back from Mr. Barrett telling me I "handled the clean up well from a crisis communications point of view."  That made me feel a bit better as that is his job so he knows what he is talking about.

I am done shopping for everyone on my list and I actually have all the gifts wrapped and under the tree ready for the big day. 

We are having friends over to dine on Christmas Eve then I will pick up the boys the afternoon Christmas day and drop them off in the evening.  I am def wearing my Christmas pants Christmas Eve for dinner.

The AFHP ends this Friday and I must say I am looking forward to shaving.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Half of 90 aint so bad

The week of Thanksgiving was very busy at the cottage.  Not only were we hosting but it was also my birthday and dad's birthday.  Mom and dad came down Wednesday and stayed until Saturday.  Thanksgiving was awesome.  The boys were with us this year along with mom and dad.  We also had PJ and ST and two of our Graces- MM and MP.

The meal was amazing as usual.  The husband did a great brined turkey, wild rice dressing with a bunch of fruit, cornbread dressing with sage and sausage, white cheddar chipotle mashed potatoes, homemade cranberry sauce with thyme and mustard (actually really good even though it sounds kinda funky) and roasted carrots and parsnips.  Mom being mom felt the need to do something so we had her make the pumpkin pies- one regular and one gluten free crust- on Wednesday when they got there.  I also made gluten free cranberry walnut muffins and an apple tart.  The highlight of Thanksgiving though was when mom got into the Scotch and when she asked for a second one both the boys blurt out "Grandma, every time you drink brown liquor you kill a little part of my soul!"  Her response was "Cheers." and she took a big swig.

I got a super, awesome, amazing birthday gift from the husband.  A Genesis compound bow and arrows.  Of course mom, dad and the sons were all making jokes about me now needing tights too.  I like to think I will be all Clint Barton-like but I am sure many people would think "You big queen, you are soo Katniss..."

Friday we all went to MP's place or lunch.  She made an amazing beef bourguignon and creme brulee for dessert.  We had a great time and then had left overs for dinner.

Saturday my younger brother came down with the wife and kids for birthday lunch for dad.  Of course they were late so they are now in the lie to them about what time things start so they are on time.

Sunday I took the boys to see Argo.  One of the great touches was the Warner Brothers 70s/ 80s logo in opening of movie and the fonts of the the opening and closing credits.  The movie was actually not bad at all and I have to give Ben Afflack credit for improving as an actor.

I am gonna guess that we go over the so called fiscal cliff.  I mean what little I know of game theory would lead me to believe the Dems look at the situation and say fuck it, let's go.  Their reasoning may be that when we go over they will land on the GOP and be in better shape to stand up and walk away albeit injured whereas the GOP won't survive the impact.

Speaking of the fiscal cliff, am I the only one nauseated by the whole Rise above bullshit CNBC is doing?  That is not journalism.  To my point, if you had any doubts CNBC is not news and only infotainment then look no further than President Obama's opinion.  He detly expressed it by giving his first official post election interview to none other than Bloomberg TV.  It is a huge coupe for BBRG and makes sense as BBRG is the only relatively non-partisan news channel aroudn these days and focused on news thanks to being privately owned and not worrried about selling advertising time.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Brandi Terrace at your service...

The husband and I cleaned the garage out this weekend.   I had had enough of the frost in the windshield in the morning and having the truck freezing when I get in.  We still need to get the garage door on the husband's side fixed and then he can leave his in the garage at night as well.  Sadly it means the bikes are put down in the basement for the winter.

I finally got caught up on all the t.v. I missed due to the cable getting knocked out from Sandy.  "Arrow" is actually not bad and Steven Amell is quite the specimen.  the husband and I agreed he is on the list...

Speaking of "Arrow" the husband signed us up for an archery safety/beginner course at the local firearms range/club.  We did well and hopefully s\Santa will bring me a Genesis compound me Daryl.

We have the menu for Thanksgiving all planned.  Tuesday and Wednesday will be prep days so ideally all we- read the husband- have to do is put things in the oven at the right time and voila- the picture perfect Thanksgiving dinner.

 Friday while chatting with PF he told me someone called his phone looking for Latisha Brown.  I told him I thought that would be a great drag name for him when he started.  He said he already had one and we got on the topic of how I was told you take the name of your first pet and the the street you lived on to make it.  So by that means I would be Brandy Terrace but PF and I though Brandi would make a much better spelling..

Mom and dad are coming down for Thanksgiving.  Friday is also Dad's birthday but we are celebrating Saturday instead so my younger brother and his wife and sons can come down and celebrate with us.

We saw Skyfall this weekend.  Javier Bardeem made a super, awesome villain.  I was surprised the movie was almost three hours long as it went by very fast while sitting there in the theater.